Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Way Back Wednesday- Birthday Edition

date: Sept. 2008

age: 3 years

this is a picture from the boys birthdya party last year. They were (and still are) totally into firetrucks. Hunter loved his cake I made him so much that he wouldnt let me cut it and everytime a guest would come he would take them to the kitchen to show them. Good thing I had some extra cakes. This year we are doing a big combined birthday party for myself, my little brother and the boys since my brother will be here for Labor Day weekend. Its hard to beleive that in a week they will be 4 years old. And 4 years ago today I was huge but hoping they wouldnt come that day because I didnt really want to share my birthday with them.

check out some more photos from way back by heading on over to Twinfatuation


MyLinda said...

Visiting from WBW. What a sweet picture. I love that they didn't want to cut their cake!

BTW Happy Birthday Mama!

monica said...

What a great job on the fire truck cakes and too cute not too cut them - I wouldn't want to either! But they looked yummy! Hope you have a great birthday party this weekend!

Cheryl Lage said...

That picture is TOO adorable! YOu can tell they just love those cakes so!

Didn't realize our kids' birthdays were so close...and to yours too! Happy Birthday to YOU!

Love your Way Back When-esday post...thank you so much for playing along, Leia!