Monday, July 20, 2009

Not My Child!

So I decided to play along with Mckmama this week as we discuss those little things that our children did not do. Some of these things are things they did not do awhile ago and some are more recent things they did not do.

My child did not yell loudly in Target that there were naked ladies on the wall nor did he loudly talk about the "old" man with a mohawk.
And I most certainly did not suddenly start looking closely at the cute skirts while he talked about the guy with the mohawk.

My child also did not try sticking items in grandma's purse and shirt at target and he most certainly did not pick up a movie off the check out belt on our way out before the cashier could scan it for the lady behind us.

My child did not come outside with his pants around his ankles and did not need his butt wiped because I was not sitting outside enjoying some drinks with friends.

My child did not pee on a tree at the park and my brother did not let him do this because the bathroom was a ways off.

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Hunter read MckMama?

At least after his pajama choice tonight I would be lead to think so. He picked out the mismatched top and pants which made me laugh after MckMama's post and picture the other day. Sorry for the poor quality picture I had to use my phone because my camera is on vacation with my parents and I wasn't sure where the cord for the other one was at so I didn't want to use it.

I like that he does include in his outfit the same pjs that Big Mac was wearing only difference being that he went with the pants.

I was pretty shocked that he would want to freely wear pjs that don't match. He is very adamant about not wearing mis-matched pjs 99% of the time.

We had another appointment day yesterday with Hunter having a hearing re check and Ethan having to go in to get a referral for PT. Hunter did really great he didn't even want me to go into the room with him at first. But having to wear headphones while listening to bird noises quickly got old for him and he walked out of the room with only like 5 more to go. S we will have to go back to finish them up. And Ethan's appointment was a breeze pretty much in and out after she looked at his feet and ankles and said why yes he is flat footed and pronates in. She did try saying that maybe PT wasn't the place to go to get him inserts or whatever but I made sure she realized that it was what was recommended by his OT who I think probably had more of an idea about it then her. I was just confused about why now we had to go all official and get a referral for PT when Hunter got into OT off of the recommendation after his speech eval and Ethan got into OT after Hunter's OT observed him while he joined Hunter in a couple of sessions.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Baby Pciture Sunday - Gimme Some Sugar!

Gimme Some Sugar!

9 months I beleive during a photoshoot in front of one of their Winnie the Pooh blankets. This is the cropped version of the picture.

Hanging out in front of the Old House 19 months old I love getting those special moments between the boys when I happen to have a camera available. I have many pictures of them hugging and loving on each other.

I used to ahve an edited version of this photo that included the most perfect quote that now I cant remember besides something along the lines of when brothers wrestle they are really hugging

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Random Thoughts

After pool time today I put Hunter into a pair of plaid shorts that turn out to be the ones Ethan was wearing in the picture posted today in WBW. They still fit around the waist just they are a little short. The shirts are kinda short too but they don't get pulled out very often because the boyos fight over who gets to wear the one with a monster truck on it. Just another reason I buy them identical things these days. All there shorts from 2 summers ago are finally getting too small. Kinda stinks because now I have to go and try and find shorts for them to wear to school in August. Plus all new pants and a few new shirts as well since they have gotten too tall for the stuff they wore last year. I got spoiled these past couple of years where they have been able to fit in the same things because first they wore it long so that it would fit around chunky bellies and diaper butts and then they were the only pants that wouldn't fall down. On that topic Ethan still has a problem with a pair of 3T cutoffs falling down that Hunter's are almost too small to button. Finally his waist is bigger then Ethan's after all this time when it seemed that Ethan weighed several pounds less but was chunkier. Maybe its because Hunter has reached a point where his weight and height are almost the same. almost 44in and about 43lbs. Ethan just hit 40lbs and is almost 42in. Thinking of making some pudding for Hunter to play in but I don't think it will go over to well since he wouldn't even taste it last week. But he did eat a whole serving of mashed potatoes not to long ago with his fingers. First time eating anything off his fingers and the first time even eating more then a tiny taste of mashed potatoes. Plus he ate a whole piece of broccoli last night. Would have eaten more but the rest of it was harder then his first piece. Wow my thoughts were really going tonight. I should do this more often. but I will leave you with a picture of the boyos with Uncle Aaron at the park last week before he went back to New York.

Way Back When-sday! Watermelon!

May 2007
20 months
Hunter digging in to what looks like a quarter of the melon. He had finished his slice and swiped another one from the kitchen.

Ethan chowing down on his slice.

They have always been big fans of watermelon. Ethan even claimed the watermelon in the garden as his. But I dont think its going to make it. I brought one home last week for the fourth though and he told me his watermelon had grown.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Two for Two-sday - Cool Dudes

here's a little shot from a recent shopping trip to Target. I was trying on sun hats with the boyos until they spotted the rack of sunglasses. Thank goodness for camera phones so that I could snap this photo.
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