Sunday, November 30, 2008

Baby Picture Sunday

Wrapped in Holiday Cheer
Ethan's 3 month photo
Hunter's 3 month photo
they were finally starting to gain some weight and didnt look like they had chicken legs

here are the boys in their Christmas outfits. I had been so excited when I first saw them at Carter's since they were the smae pattern but one was turtleneck and overalls and the other polo shirt and pants. But I later regretted the big difference in them. They usually were dressed in the same thing different colors or once in a while matching outfits. I dont think they ever wore these much after taking pictures in them.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Something to be Thankful not to have

So in this time of giving thanks and all this talk about what we are thankful for I just wanted to pass along a laugh to ya'll and give thanks that these cakes don't belong to me. So go check em out Cake Wrecks and hopefully everyone will be able have some laughs while they are giving thanks this year.

Way Back When-esday!

First Thanksgiving
age 2 1/2 months
The boys' first Thanksgiving and first photo with their uncles who they share names with. Hunter Aaron is held by my little brother Aaron.
Ethan Sean held by my big brother Sean.
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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lets Give Thanks

I decided I would share a few things that I am thankful for. One of the big things would be the boys. They have filled my life with such joy that I can't imagine life without them. So a few things about each of them I am thankful for.


I am thankful for his usually cheerful attitude. For the amount of words he has gained since starting speech therapy in July. Last count was about 30 words with a beginning count of 5 or so. His love of school. He has just jumped right in and can't wait to go every morning. The 3 day weekends are so hard for him and he asks almost every morning about school. The way he looks out for his brother. At his Halloween party he tried getting another beanbag from the boy playing with them and the teacher showed him where there were more so he could have one for each hand when he really wanted to make sure Ethan had one.


I am thankful for his sweet smile and big laugh. For his morning chatter about wanting dinner and another hamburger. His hugs he has for everybody. His ability to make me laugh everyday. I think I could fill notebooks with the things he says that make me laugh and most the time wonder where he came up with it. His care for his brother. He always checks on him when he is sick asking if he is okay. Well okay one day he coughed and he took the checking on him a little far by asking him if he was okay a couple of times and then telling him to say something.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Getting ready for the final count down

I'm off from school next week for fall break and Thanksgiving. Then when we go back we have one more week of classes then finals. Yikes. 2 papers, 2 tests, and a presentation finished in the last two weeks. 1 take home exam, 1 lab practical, 2 lab reports, and 2 finals to go to finish up this semester. I'm so glad to have my presentation over with. It went well besides I got nervous and was having trouble saying coccidioidomycosis. Which I guess is a pretty hard word to say when I'm not nervous. Still havent registered for classes for next semester yet because they wont let me register till I get proof of immunizations so I guess I better remember to call my highschool tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Way Back When-esday!

After seeing Carrin's twin family picture last week I decided to dig up the one's we have. We definilty have twins running in our family. My mom is actually has a twin brother, who looks nothing like. My dad has some twin uncles and I have a cousin who has twin girls that are almost 3 months younger then my boys. These pictures I share today are of my boys and her girls. We've only seen them like 3 times since they were born and 2 of those times were Easter. Their first one and this last one.

1st Easter April 2006
Ethan, Brooke, Mikayla, Hunter
Boys age 7 months Girls age 4 1/2 months
Here is what happens when you wait to take pictures till after dinner and everyone is getting tired. I love the look on Ethan's face as Brooke is crying and leaning on him. Mikayla sits back and wonders what is wrong with her sister while Hunter could care less about the other babies.

Easter 2008

Mikayla, Brooke, Hunter and Ethan

Age 2 years

And I thought it was hard to get two 2 years old to stay still for a picture. Nothing compared to getting four 2 year olds together for a picture. Putting them all the then empty boat sandbox at least kept them together. Getting them all to look was a different story.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Two for Tuesday!

So here is my first time posting on Two for Tuesday and I decided to show a picture of my twosome last year when they turned two. So here they are on their way to see Thomas the Tank Engine at the train museum. Being the big train fans that they were they got tickets to go see him and ride the train for their birthday. So they got all decked out and headed off with mom and grandma.

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Christmas Pictures

Last weekend I took some pictures of the boys hoping to get some good ones for Christmas cards. I did get some good ones of them both together and then seperately. Hunter is in blue and Ethan is in red. I can't beleive how much taller Hunter is getting to be then Ethan. I was looking at the one where they are standing back to back almost and though there must be some mistake because it cant be possible for him to be that much taller but I checked them later and yes he is quite taller.

And of course there were many that will never get the oppurtunity to grace a Christmas card but will now get their time to shine.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Way Back When-esday

May 2006
age 8 months
I really wanted to share a picture that showed the hair difference the boys had when they were little but when searching for a picture I ran across this from the boys first picnic. This is one of my all time favortie pictures of the boys. You can still see the hair difference a bit in that Hunter had a full head of hair and Ethan was finally starting to get some on the top of his head.

May 2007
age 20 months
Just has to throw this one in as well because its a year later at the same picnic area just a different angle because there weren't any dandilions in that spot as much. This was a month before we moved and we weren't able to go back this year which bummed me. Still a hair difference. I think Ethan had probably had one haircut by this time which would have put Hunter at 2 because he had his first one at 10 months.
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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Win Some Baby Leg Warmers

at You can enter to win 20 pairs and then post a link on your blog like I am doing to get another entry. Plus they have a bunch of other stuff including twin onesies. And you have to check out the collegiate leg warmers they have called Skid Pants. Super cute. If only I had some girls to wear the Ohio State and West Virginia ones (I can say the WVU ones now that CU beat them back in September).

a peek

I was playing around with one of the pictures from our session on Sunday for a texture challenge and wanted to show off what I came up with. More to come later tonight.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Not Me! Monday

Another Monday. Another chance to declare what I did not do.

I did not procrastinate writing my paper that is due in class tomorrow night.

I did not spend all afternoon trying to get good pictures of the boys for Christmas cards and I did not put off cleaning the kitchen till this morning.

I did not eat most of the bag of toasted coconut marshmallows in one day.

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Friday, November 7, 2008


There you have it. I have been tagged for the first time by the wonderful Melissa from Twincredible Twosome. So now I must come up with 8 interesting facts about myself to share with ya'll. Let's see what I can come up with:
1. I think llamas are one of the coolest animals ever. My nickname used to be Llama. We own 4 books about llamas including Llama, Llama Red Pajama. (and finding the link for that cuz I know that ya'll are gonna want to check this awesome book out if you havent all ready, I find a new book coming out in March by the same author)
2. I am science nerd. I own 2 stuffed giant microbes. Hepetits C and African Sleeping Sickness in case you were wondering. One of my favorite "vacations" was the trip to the American Chemical Society Conference in Sacremento,CA a few years ago with 3 guys from my chemistry club at school.
3. I can't eat meat that has any pink in it since I was pregnant. I sometimes miss a nice medium rare steak but the sight of it makes my stomach turn. Speaking of eating things during pregnancy I never liked cherry pie till I was pregnant and now think a slice with some vanilla ice cream is pure heaven.
4. I spent 3 weeks in Ecuador on a mission trip several years ago. I had to brave the airport by myself coming home because I left a week early because I didn't want to miss my little brother's highschool graduation. Nothing like being in an airport in a foreign country at 5 in the morning and not knowing where to go to get on the plane.
5. I subconciously seemed to know I was having twins but never gave it any thought till I found out I really was. I joked with my little brother about having twins and if I did then he would raise one and I would raise one and we'd see who raised them the best. Plus my mom kept trying to give the "baby" a nickname like Itsy Bitsy (eww its a baby not a spider) and then Wee Willy (no not happening) so I joked with a friend about calling it Pipsueak but couldn't because there was no Pasquale (I had a pair of kittens growing named that and then used to baby sit twin girls and that is what my dad would call them). Finally I had a dream about having twin boys. Luckiley with that one I had never heard about TTTS because the babies in my dream were affected by that.
6. I like to think that my cousin just couldn't be outdone by me being pregnant because a month after I told my family that I was pregnant so was she. A month or so later I told them it was twins and she made the same announcement a couple months later. So the boys have a set of twin girl cousins that are almost 3 months younger then them.
7. One of my favorite summer jobs ever was when I worked at the dirt track about 5 years ago. I had good friends that raced there so after spending one summer there every Saturday paying $20 to get into the pits I decided to get a job there and then I could see them race and get paid for it. I worked in the pit shack admitting people so I got to know all the racers pretty well.
8. I have attended 4 colleges. I started out at Colorado Christian University and was there for a year. Then I took a year off to help my mom after she had surgery and took a few classes at the community college at home. Then I went to Adams State College for 3 years. I then had the boys and took off a couple of years with them. I went back last fall at Metro State College and plan on finishing in May.
Now comes to the fun part. Who am I going to pass on the tagging to. I am pretty new at this blogging thing so I don't have very many people on here to tag so I'm going to tag 5 people and hope they can continue on with tagging 8 more to keep this going. So here they are:
1. Susan @ Smell the Roses
3. DeniseAnn @ Under A Tuscan Sun
4. MckMama @ my charming kids
5. Cheryl @ Twinfatuation

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Way Back When-esday!

date: October 2006
age: 16 months
the boys have always loved books so I have many pictures of them "reading". We had a huge collection of them and last month I decided to sell some of the ones that we didnt used anymore because they were mostly board books for younger kids and was shocked to count up 50 books to get rid of once I had sorted them all out. No wonder there wasnt room for them all in one place.
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Monday, November 3, 2008

awww cuz everyone needs a reminder sometimes

10 reasons you are a better parent than you think you are

1. You are the best mommy or daddy in the world for your child - Regardless of what the experts or anyone else says, in your child’s eyes you are their one and only. If you can live up to that kind of love and acceptance, you’ll be happier for it.

2. You trust your gut - Most of us try not to get too worried or upset by the proliferation of news stories about lead-poisoned toys or tragic stories of kidnapped children, but it’s not very easy. When push comes to shove, your gut can be your guide. If you feel more than a tingle of doubt, you’ll do the right thing by your child. You’re wired that way.

3. You give the best love you know how to give - Love isn’t perfect or always kind, but you want to be a good parent and you try every day to be the best parent you know how to be.

4. You feed them every day- Not always meals with enough vegetables or fruit, but you feed them, and you worry about their health. And that makes you a good parent.

5. You smile at them, beam even, and they make you proud - When you smile at your child (and you know you do, often) you are transmitting your love and tenderness. Kids are sponges and they feel every iota of that sweetness.

6. You teach them about wonderful things — You fill their heads with the wishes of childhood — Santa Clause, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny and other wonderful creatures. Even if they don’t believe you, their eyes light up with the spark of imagination.

7. You love them unconditionally, even when you don’t like them very much - Most kids know that you love them no matter what. Even when they have tantrums in the grocery store and hit their sister or brother and refuse to eat their dinner. Even then you love them deeply.

8. You comfort them when they’re scared - Monsters, bad dreams, and things that go bump in the night hold no power over the comfort of your arms and your murmured reassurance.

9. You want your child to be happy - Almost more than anything else, you want to see evidence that your child is happy, well-adjusted, and secure. You want this for them more than you want it for yourself.

10. You are their one true love - For so many years, you are your child’s sun, moon, and stars. You are the keeper of their small open hearts, their only one. This essential truth, when fully appreciated, makes parenting the most fulfilling thing you’ll ever do.

Not Me! Monday

We're back with another edition of Not ME! Monday. The only place where you can read about the things I did not do this week.

I did not bribe the boys with candy corn so that I could get pictures of them on their first day of preschool.

I did not skip lab on Thursday to go to Ethan's Halloween party after I did not skip it on Tuesday to take him to his first day of school.

I did not send Hunter to school with a sore throat on Friday because he really wanted to go and her ate his breakfast great. And I did not wonder about taking him to the doctor when he came home from school and passed out on the couch and had a fever when he woke up.

I did not lose his medicaid card and did not take quarters out of their piggy back to pay for his prescription.

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