Friday, August 21, 2009

Its getting closer!

Back to school is next week for the boys. They are both ready. Hunter has been asking for like half the summer at least once a week when we get ready to go somewhere "go school?"

This year will be a little different because instead of going in the mornings like they did last year they will go in the afternoons because it will allow Hunter more time working with the spec ed team plus they needed to put some younger kids into the 2 day morning spots that Hunter was in because they had originally put him into two 2 day sessions. I tihnk it might be a good step into getting ready for all day kindergarten for next year if they go next year. But they probably wont becuase if they went next year they would be starting K before they even turn 5 becuase of their early September birthdays and the cutoff being towards the end of Sept. I will probably keep them home a year though because I want them to be able to excel both academically as well as in sports and I feel that being the youngest in their class could pose a threat to that. I know there were struggles for both my brother and and I in school when we were the youngest in our classes.

They will again be in seperate classrooms because of overprotectivness and jealousy issues with both of them. Hunter will look out for Ethan to the point where he will take toys away from other kids to give to him and Ethan gets jealous of Hunter sometimes for playing with other kids and will get upset and start yelling its not fair thats my brother when left behind.

Finally called today about getting Ethan a pt eval but still waiting for that.

I've been slacking at putting pictures from the camera onto the computer so I will share this one from my mom's phone that she took a few weeks ago. This is from before they decided that the mohawks had to go

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