Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Way Back When-esday!

Christmas 2005

age 3 months

Here the boys are in their first Christmas outfits. This is one fo the few matching outfits they had when they were little and one of the very few that made me look twice to see who is who because of their hats. I lvoe it that Ethan looks like he is waving to the camera. This photo was also seen on Cheryl's website Twinsights in January '06.

this one doesnt do justice for the amount of hair Hunter had compared to Ethan but shows how much Ethan was always smiling and Hunter rarely smiled for the camera.Hunter in his striped outfit
Ethan in his striped outfit.

I don't know what it is about them but I love stripes. I think at least half of the boys' wardrobe has always been stripes. Between stripes and overalls I have tons of baby pictures of them.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Two for Twos-day

Baby Jesus has a Twin?
Today's picture is Hunter's work on one of the nativity's here. I guess he feels that since there are two boys that there needed to be 2 babies in the nativity. He had done it last week with a larger baby Jesus in there with the one that belongs and my mom put that one back to see if he would bring it back. He found another one though that was about the same size and fit in there better.I wasnt sure who did it so I had asked them and he said "me" and "two" so I would know that there were two babies and he made it sound like thats the way he felt it should be. So we have left his two babies in there for now. The first time he did it I had taken pictures but didnt keep those ones but I should have because there was also only two wisemen with the third one over in the buildings talking to the camel.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Baby Picture Sunday - Peace on Earth

What a great theme Debi has this week. I debated finding a holiday picture to go along with what she had started but there is really only one photo that comes to mind when I think of a peaceful picture.

This is the boys' first photo after coming home from the hospital. Only 3 days old all snuggled up together in the bassinet. Nothing is more peaceful to me then little babies sleeping. They were so tiny and swimming in their coming home outfits.

Check out some more peaceful pictures by going over to Who Says 8 is Enough. And I hope you have a peaceful Sunday as we will with all the snow we are now getting.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Way Back When-esday!

December 2007
age 2 years old
Last year was really the first year we took pictures for photo cards and the beginning of the best of our pictures being with them eating because it was alot easier to snap a picture when they have a treat. This was one of the ones that it wasnt as obvious that they were eating cookies. Add in a little editing to bring out the Christmas colors and we had a cute picture to use in making photo cards.
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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Two for Twos-day!

two pictures of two boys on one sit and spin.
proof that they can get along and share toys once in awhile.
it didn't spin real good with both of them on there so this sharing didn't last very long.
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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Way Back When-esday!

My First Christmas
my age: 3 months
Look at that cute baby and Santa has some creepy looking eyes.
I decided to dig out the photo albums for this week's way back when since the boys still don't have any pictures with Santa. I am going to try and get one this year but I dont know if it will work. Their first Christmas they were only 3 months( same as mine since their birthday falls exactly a week after mine) and I didnt trust some Santa to hold both of them plus they didnt go out much at that time. The next year we were still in the mountains with Wal-Mart being the only store in town to have him and we kept missing him. We tried that year at the lighting of Christmas Tree Mountain but after waiting awhile in the cold my mom decided we should just head home, even though we were only maybe 10 minutes away from seeing him because it was so cold and they were starting to get all red cheeked. Last year we went to one that didnt have any line and as we headed over there Hunter saw Santa slammed on the brakes and tried to go the other way. As much as we tried, we werent able to get them both on Santa's lap at the same time for long enough to snap a picture. This year we have tried once so far. It was at the mall last week and they were so excited to go see Santa. When we were on the opposite side of the entrance they both waved at Santa but as we got to the entrance and made our way through the lanes they both stopped and turned around. And both waved and said good bye to him as we left.
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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Two for Twos-day

my 2 little firemen with their 2 little firetruck cakes. After much debate between what theme to do for their birthday this year they finally agreed. Ethan wanted dinosuars but Hunter doesnt really like dinosaurs that much. He didnt really have much of an opinion till I came up with the idea of a firetruck party. They both love any kind of vehicle and especially fire trucks and ambulances. I made the cakes while they were sleeping the night before the party. When they sae them the next morning they were so excited. Hunter especially and he kept taking everyone who came to the party to the fridge to see the cakes. He didnt want to cut his cake so luckiely I had extras since Ihad to do chocolate for Ethan and carrot for Hunter since he doesnt like anything chocolate (except milk and hot cocoa).

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