Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sat What Wednesday!

So while there is a couple of hours left here for Wednesday I jsut remebered a little something that would definitly qualify for Say What Wednesday. The fun chance for us to share a embarrassing or funny or silly things our kids say.

This one happened to us yesterday as the we were out in the front yard with my mom. A man comes jogging down the street wearing only his running shoes and a pair of pretty short running shorts. My mom said sometihng aobut him adn then we turned away. Hunter then starts pointing and loudly saying look mom and look mama. As if thats not enough Ethan then notices him and yells from the front porch that that man is naked. I really wanted to crawl into the bush in the front yard and hide.

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1 comment:

SouthernDogwoods said...

How funny!!!
I detest those little running shorts that men wear so I can see where "naked" came from. Ha! Love it!
Thanks for playing along! Definitely made me laugh!