Friday, October 31, 2008

Not very many treats for us this Halloween

This was supposed to be the boys first time getting to go trick or treating because last year it was too cold and the year before that they were just too young.
Hunter woke up this morning and told me that he had a boo boo and would point to his mouth. I thought maybe he had a sore throat but he was acting fine other wise and ate breakfast great. Because of that I decided it was fine for him to go to school. I went in an hour before they got out for their Halloween parties and he seemed fine. He wasn't really eating his snack which surprised me because he loves strawberries and cantaloupe. Once we got home from school he went and laid on the couch and fell asleep. I checked his temperature when he woke up and he had a fever of 101.3. Gave him some Motrin and that helped and soon he was back to his normal self. Being Friday though I decided I'd better take him in to make sure he was fine. The doctor figured it was a virus at first because she had been seeing a lot of viral sore throats. She wasn't going to do a throat culture since it was the first day of having a sore throat and it his throat was just a little red but his lymph nodes were swollen so she decided to do it anyways. It came back with a faint positive for strep throat so she got him on some antibiotics. So we canceled our plans to go out. At least I had already taken a few pictures the last couple of days of them. Ethan is the big scray bat or so he says and Hunter is a UPS driver. I fixed the jacket after taking the pictures so the letters stand out more

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Way Back When-esday!

Dateline: October 2005
At a month and a half old this was the extent of dressing up for their first halloween. Grandfather got these bibs for them so we did have a couple of photo shoots with them so he could see that they wore them.
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First Day!

It went great. E-Dawg told me this morning that he wasn't going to go to school today but then he was excited along with H-Man. They both had great days. E-Dawg told me he learned at school today. Later I asked him what he learned and he told me he learned stuff, lots of stuff. Other then that he didn't tell me much about what he did. I did ask him if he colored because he had marker on his hand and he said he colored his name. H-Man had another good day. His teacher said he is getting better about sitting with the class and changing stations. She did mention that he needed to work on keeping his hands to himself. She said he hasn't had a major melt downs which is good. I guess that means they aren't asking him to do too many things that he doesn't want to do since he has learned that throwing a fit during his speech therapy will shorten the time of doing what he doesn't want to do. I'm hoping that chsnging the time but staying with the same SLP will help change that because right now he goes before class on Wednesday and we are going to change to Wednesday afternoons.

Monday, October 27, 2008

They both will be preschoolers tomorrow

The H-Man started preschool last Tuesday and tomorrow the E-Dawg will start as well. They are going to be in different classes which will probably be good for them. I just hope the E-Dawg is as excited about going as the H-man was last week. H-Man was so excited that he just kept telling me "go" when I asked him what he wanted for breakfast and only ended up eating half his piece of cinnamon french toast which is like one of his favorite breakfast foods. So hopefully I get some good pictures of the both of them tomorrow since I didn't get any of the H-Man last week since he hates having his picture taken in the first place and just wanted to go. Does it make me a bad mom that I wasn't sad about H-Man going last week and I'm not sad that E-Dawg is starting preschool tomorrow?

Not Me! Monday

Okay here is my first shot at this.

I did not give the boys graham crackers for breakfast because I did not put off going to the store to get milk and eggs.

I did not let the boys watch a movie so that I wouldn't have to make cookies with H-Man.

I did not run out of things to make this post longer.

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