Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Our Mother's Day

So with all the busyness going on with finals this week ( I should be studying right now) I forgot to post about all our "fun" we had on Sunday. It started out nice getting to sleep in because with the rain we had over the weekend it hid the sun and the boys slept in for about an hour. Once they woke up is when the real fun started. Hunter woke up with leg pain and I figured it was just his growing pains he gets every now and then. He walked/hobbled along the edge of the bed and only made it a couple of more steps before sitting down in the door. I had to carry him to the bathroom and then downstairs because he wouldn't walk. Okay still figured it was nothing because once again he will do that when his pains come. He ended up not walking all morning even after some Motrin and after he fell down when I tried to stand him up decided it was time to take him to Urgent care. I figured when all he wanted to do was lay on the couch and watch cartoons something was up because he will usually sit for awhile and then be up playing. It wasn't that bad at Urgent Care and we didn't wait to get a room to long. It was nice that he is already in the system at Children's Hosp. so we didn't have to fill out any paperwork. The Dr came in to check him out and by that time he was getting pretty mad because he didn't want the bracelet on his wrist and that was all he would focus on. Then to make it even better she ordered x-rays to rule out a fracture because she said it is possible for toddlers to get them easily. He was not a happy camper about that at all. And not long after that she ordered another round of x rays of his foot. Thankfully the x-rays all came back good because I don't even want to think about trying to cast or splint him because there is no way he would tolerate that. He got a dose of Tylenol which was another battle because the first one once I got it in his mouth he waited till we moved away from him and spit it on the floor. come back with another dose and some help and they got it in there. He told the nurse away several times after that. To wrap it all up he ended up walking out of there and was running and jumping by the end of the day. She said it could be a mild sprain or post viral joint pain. He was a little sore yesterday but seems good now. We were there for about 3 hours so he ended up missing his nap but didn't seem to cranky when we went to dinner at my brother and SILs. It did catch up with him yesterday at OT but she took it easy with him.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Awesome Giveaway over at Multiples...and More

Their Sponser spotlight this week is on My Full House Designs. This is an amazing Etsy shop with personalized hand painted wall art. She has a lot of awesome designs and I think I have found what to get my mom for her birthday later this summer.

this is one of my favorites that I might get her

Right now though you have the chance to win one by heading on over to Multiples...and more

Locks of Love!

I decided to cut my hair because I figured I needed a new look for graduation since my hair style has pretty much fallen back into almost the same style when I graduated highschool 9 years ago(minus the bangs) and finally was able to go today. I knew I wanted something kinda short but didnt think I had enough to donate to Locks of Love but hurray I did. I'm loving the new look and just couldn't wait to show it off.

Too bad the boys didnt feel the same way. Tomorrow they get their turn for a haircut when I break out the clippers again and they get a much shorter cut for summer.