Sunday, February 22, 2009


Children's Museum that is. So I've been meaning to post the pictures from our trip like a week ago but kept forgetting. This was our first trip to this museum and we were excited because everything I had heard about it and the pictures on the website looked fun fun fun. For some reason I thought it was a bigger building (maybe because I'm used to the 2 story one downtown). But it was great. It was two big rooms with a few side rooms but way better then the other one because there werent as many places to look around and freak out about when one of the little people decided to go exploring on their own. I didnt get a whole lot of pictures of Hunter becuase he is so anti photos most of the time but I managed a few. And lots of Ethan especially dressing up since he is the one who tolerates me doing that to him. Like the other museum the train table was a huge hit. Thats one area where the downtown one is nice because they have a whole room with several tables that you can build your own tracks vs the little one here which was smaller then the table we have at home.

Ethan the Dinosaur ROAR!

Hunter the Marching Band Pirate

Ethan loved playing the piano & he looked pretty cute doing it

the bubble machine was pretty awesome. Hunter didnt want to stop once he finally checked it out. He kept trying to blow bubbles out the side when he pulled on the handle.

Ethan thought it was a blast too


Melissa said...

Looks like you had a great weekend, too!! Your guys are adorable!!

Missy said...

So cool! We used to have a Children's Museum but they tore it down years ago! I wished we had one!!!!