Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Random Ramblings

I went and got the card I need to fill out for graduation today while I was down at school. Makes me all happy giggly excited to think about graduating this semester. Well fingers crossed becuase I found out that the stuff I picked up today was supposed to be turned in by January 30th. Oops. They said in the graduation office it was okay. But hey if I dont get to graduate this semester I can always stick around till the fall and get a BA in Chemistry along with the BS in Biology because 2degrees are better then 1 right.

I couldnt find my cell phone this morning as I was getting ready for school. Turns out Hunter stuck it in his pocket and took it to school with him.

Ethan decided to play buffalo yesterday in the flower bed and laid down and rolled in the dirt. Hunter at least rolled out in the grass, which by the way is starting to turn green. And some of the flowers are comeing back. A pansy bloomed a couple of weeks ago and the snow and freezing temperatures last week didnt phase it at all. And there is a flock of robins in the neighborhood.

I dont think I mentioned we saw a coyote at the playground a couple of weeks ago. Ethan said later that it jumped up and bit him. That kid tells so many stories and comes up with the wierdest stuff sometimes.

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cat said...

Wow, great going girl.