Monday, February 16, 2009

Makes My Monday

So here it is. My first time doing Makes My Monday. Monday is almost over but I decided after reading a sad story about a little girl getting made fun of because of her apraixia I would share a story that happened to us last week that really makes my day every time I think of it. Rewinding a little further then just last week to start off with because it is a school story and one of the biggest fears I had and still ahve for Hunter going to school is his difficulty when it comes to communicating. I am so afraid that it is going to sepreate him from the other kids and they will make fun of him for it and what not. But some of those fears were dismissed last week at his Valentine's Day party. They did the normal preschool party things beginning with singing songs for the parents. It brought tears to my eyes (and does as I wrtie this) to watch him sitting there while everyone else sings. He did attempt to mouth a few words as he does every now and then at home with some songs and nursery rhymes and he moved back and forth to the music. After that it was time for opening of the valentines and then snack time and making valentines. The thing that really made my day came at the end of the party when one of the little boys in his class came up to him and gave him a valentine that he had made. His mom told me that he had wanted to make it for Hunter. He had taken the time to write Hunter's name inside of it as well as his own. I think Hunter realized how special the card is and we still have the card and he loves to show it off to whoever will take the time to look at it. Thinking back now I remember many other times od that same little boy making sure he tells Hunter hi every time he sees him at the beginning of class and bye when they leave.

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