Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Two for Two-sday

what do you do on a nice January night on Colorado? Why roast marshmallows of course. Ok maybe not always but for some reason my mom and Hunter decided it was time to try out the fire ring that they had built in the backyard. The boys thought it was cool and of course we had to try our hand at roasting marshmallows. Probably would have worked better if we would have tried before the fire was pretty much out. Thats okay though becuase Ethan still enjoyed eating slightly warmed marshmallows. Hunter just did it for the fun because he doesnt like marshmallows.

And now I know that you really want to go check out more twofer pictures over at Eight is Great.

So I'm quickly approaching my 50th post (like the next one I do will be it) so I'm thinking I better do something cool for it so keep your eyes open and be ready. I might even have a little give away.


Shasta said...

That looks like fun and they are SO cute!!

Deanna said...

That looks like fun!! I LOVE roasting marshmallows....YUMMMMY!!! Any time of the year is good to do it!!

Thanks for playing along!!!

Cheryl Lage said...

Roasting marshmallows in the cold weather...SO fun!

They're adorable. :)