Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Random Thoughts

After pool time today I put Hunter into a pair of plaid shorts that turn out to be the ones Ethan was wearing in the picture posted today in WBW. They still fit around the waist just they are a little short. The shirts are kinda short too but they don't get pulled out very often because the boyos fight over who gets to wear the one with a monster truck on it. Just another reason I buy them identical things these days. All there shorts from 2 summers ago are finally getting too small. Kinda stinks because now I have to go and try and find shorts for them to wear to school in August. Plus all new pants and a few new shirts as well since they have gotten too tall for the stuff they wore last year. I got spoiled these past couple of years where they have been able to fit in the same things because first they wore it long so that it would fit around chunky bellies and diaper butts and then they were the only pants that wouldn't fall down. On that topic Ethan still has a problem with a pair of 3T cutoffs falling down that Hunter's are almost too small to button. Finally his waist is bigger then Ethan's after all this time when it seemed that Ethan weighed several pounds less but was chunkier. Maybe its because Hunter has reached a point where his weight and height are almost the same. almost 44in and about 43lbs. Ethan just hit 40lbs and is almost 42in. Thinking of making some pudding for Hunter to play in but I don't think it will go over to well since he wouldn't even taste it last week. But he did eat a whole serving of mashed potatoes not to long ago with his fingers. First time eating anything off his fingers and the first time even eating more then a tiny taste of mashed potatoes. Plus he ate a whole piece of broccoli last night. Would have eaten more but the rest of it was harder then his first piece. Wow my thoughts were really going tonight. I should do this more often. but I will leave you with a picture of the boyos with Uncle Aaron at the park last week before he went back to New York.

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