Friday, July 17, 2009

Hunter read MckMama?

At least after his pajama choice tonight I would be lead to think so. He picked out the mismatched top and pants which made me laugh after MckMama's post and picture the other day. Sorry for the poor quality picture I had to use my phone because my camera is on vacation with my parents and I wasn't sure where the cord for the other one was at so I didn't want to use it.

I like that he does include in his outfit the same pjs that Big Mac was wearing only difference being that he went with the pants.

I was pretty shocked that he would want to freely wear pjs that don't match. He is very adamant about not wearing mis-matched pjs 99% of the time.

We had another appointment day yesterday with Hunter having a hearing re check and Ethan having to go in to get a referral for PT. Hunter did really great he didn't even want me to go into the room with him at first. But having to wear headphones while listening to bird noises quickly got old for him and he walked out of the room with only like 5 more to go. S we will have to go back to finish them up. And Ethan's appointment was a breeze pretty much in and out after she looked at his feet and ankles and said why yes he is flat footed and pronates in. She did try saying that maybe PT wasn't the place to go to get him inserts or whatever but I made sure she realized that it was what was recommended by his OT who I think probably had more of an idea about it then her. I was just confused about why now we had to go all official and get a referral for PT when Hunter got into OT off of the recommendation after his speech eval and Ethan got into OT after Hunter's OT observed him while he joined Hunter in a couple of sessions.

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tbonegrl said...

we're trying to get a PT eval so our two can get some support too...both of mine pronate. Did she decide on inserts??