Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Two for Two-sday!

Ethan, Hunter, Brooke, & Mikayla age 3
I know this picture looks like it has 4 kids in it but really it is 2 sets of twins. Since I havent gotten the chance to post any pictures from Easter I thought I would at least share this one of the boys and their cousins. What a difference from last year when I had to be happy with having them all in the boat to get a picture of all of them. Now if only I could have gotten them all looking when I lined them up to show the difference in height. And I got a chance at feeling like many people feel about the boys about how do you tell them apart (but I did learn after noticing one had curls in her hair and the other didnt that their head size is one way to tell them apart)
check out here for the picture of their first Easter (on the same couch) and the one from last year.
For more double the fun head on over to Eight is Great and see who else is playing along


Jennifer T. said...

Twin cousins, how fun! Thanks for sharing. :-)

Deanna said...

oh what a cute photo... thanks for playing along!!!

Jen B. said...

Adorable! They're all so cute!