Saturday, April 4, 2009

So Excited

So I called this week to get Ethan an OT eval because Hunter's OT thought it wouldn't hurt because she noticed some hesitancy when he came and worked out with Hunter a couple of times. Still waiting to hear back from them. Thats the one of the few complaints I have about Children's is that sometimes it takes a few times to get ahold of someone. Of course it seems like anytime I try and make appointments I end up playing phone tag with them.
I got a copy of the papers Hunter's SLP sent to the company for his talker which means they have the order and it should only take about 6 weeks to get it approved from Medicaid so he should have it soon.
Only 6 weeks left till graduation. Super exciting. Got my dress and shoes. I'll have to take some pictures later because they are awesome.

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