Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Way Back When-esday!

After seeing Carrin's twin family picture last week I decided to dig up the one's we have. We definilty have twins running in our family. My mom is actually has a twin brother, who looks nothing like. My dad has some twin uncles and I have a cousin who has twin girls that are almost 3 months younger then my boys. These pictures I share today are of my boys and her girls. We've only seen them like 3 times since they were born and 2 of those times were Easter. Their first one and this last one.

1st Easter April 2006
Ethan, Brooke, Mikayla, Hunter
Boys age 7 months Girls age 4 1/2 months
Here is what happens when you wait to take pictures till after dinner and everyone is getting tired. I love the look on Ethan's face as Brooke is crying and leaning on him. Mikayla sits back and wonders what is wrong with her sister while Hunter could care less about the other babies.

Easter 2008

Mikayla, Brooke, Hunter and Ethan

Age 2 years

And I thought it was hard to get two 2 years old to stay still for a picture. Nothing compared to getting four 2 year olds together for a picture. Putting them all the then empty boat sandbox at least kept them together. Getting them all to look was a different story.

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Deanna said...

Twins are sooo fun look at them!! Soooo cute!

Cheryl Lage said...

Awwww love shots with multiple sets of twins!

SOOOO cute!

Thank you so much for playing along with Way Back When-esday!