Monday, April 13, 2009

Pure and Simple

What a great weekend we had. The boys loved the Easter Egg Hunt we went to on Saturday. Though Hunter was ready from the get go to put some eggs in his backet. Haha I tried typing hunt in and started writing Hunter (and did it the second time too). He did great waiting in the lines, actually that was all he really wanted to do. He makes me smile so mcuh. He is getting to be so much more sociable and starting to tell people hi, even without being told to. He was at ot today and another little boy came in and his OT asked him what do you say and he told the boy hi which is like a first for him to talk to a stranger like that and not have to be told to say hi, well anymore then what she said. The girl twin cousins came over for a ltitle bit yesterday and he kept trying to get them to go downstaris with him and play but I'm not sure how mcuh of it was they didn't understand him adn how much was they seem really shy. Ethan had a great time at the hunt too. He rode on the pony cart (which I didn't get a pciture of becuase Hutner had enough of that line and was ready to try out another line). He did the bouncy slide thing. They ran an obstacle course. I have pictures from this weekend but have not yet got them uploaded yet because I had a test today and am worn out from the weekend. Hunter must have been too because my mom told me this evening that he went upstairs after lunch on his own with his blankets and laid down. So I'm off to bed and will hopefully get pictures uploaded in the morning. Got some almost great shots of all the twins yesterday. I think there might even be one of all of them looking.

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