Saturday, January 3, 2009

Its A New Year

I hope its going to be a good one. Hard to tell right now just three days in. Judging by the fact that we started the new year off with a funeral the first day of 2009 it could be easy to say it can't get any worse. The boys did do amazing during it and we did get a compliment from a cousin on how well behaved they are. Two 3 year olds at a funeral was not my first choice but with the only people I would leave them with overnight either with us or in Mexico I didn't have a choice. To regress a bit to fill you all in on why we were at a funeral the first day of the year, my cousin and her husband were killed in a car accident two days after Christmas on their way home from Christmas shopping because her husband had had shoulder surgery right before Christmas. This event brought together our family in a sort of reunion that unfortunetly hadn't happened that way since seven years ago when my grandpa passed away a week an half before Christmas.

We said farewell to my little brother yesterday as he returned to New York after his week long trip out West. It was great to see him again and the boys had a great time with him. They got to even have a boys only party one night when I got to have a rare night out with some friends which was my first time to a Avs hockey game where I got to enjoy great seats and see them win.

Hunter will be getting some great help this year with his speech as he goes to his first appointment Monday with a new SLP and will be getting an Augmentative Alternative Communication device which will help him to better get across what he wants. He will start back at OT on Monday as well after having a week off while we waited to see if Medicaid would approve him for more sessions. I know I haven't ever really mentioned anything about his speech problems but he has childhood apraxia of speech and right now has a total vocab of about 30 words half of which are not that understandable but is a great increase from last July when he started speech therapy and had a vocab of about 5-6 words. He also has some problems with balance in his trunk and some posture problems which is related to his apraxia which is why he has been in OT for about 5 weeks so far.

I have changed the name of the blog a bit just for the heck of it because the old name was kinda boring but still there because I just made it into the description. Look for it to really appear once I redo the layout as soon as I get some time.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas season and the new year brings lots of enjoyment and many blessings.


Cheryl Lage said...

Oh Leia! So sorry for your loss. Kudos on your well-behaved attendees...that's tough.

On a lighter note, LOVE the new name!

Happy, Happy New Year!

Deanna said...

AWWWW...sorry for the loss Leia. How hard, and not a happy way to start off the New Year.

The boys look cute in all of the photos!!!

Let's tip off our hats to a GREAT New Year!!!