Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Dragon and Snow

So these dragon pictures are from a couple of weeks ago but I had misplaced my camera (found it in my coat pocket from that day which I hadn't needed till a couple of days ago when it snowed). They are at the play area at the art center here in town. It is a giant dragon sculpture that sprays smoke (water mist) in the summer. We had taken the boys last summer and they thought it was kinda cool but it was way better now that they are better at climbing and know what a dragon is.

Hunter doesnt care

But Ethan's not to sure

Dont let it eat me
So we had some fun inside and out this weekend with the snow. While we waited for it to warm up a bit yesterday we made hand print lilies for Grandma since real ones arent allowed in the house because of allergies. We got the directions from Family Fun magazine but they don't seem to be online. Looks like a bunch of other Easter crafts though that we are going to have to try out.

Once we were done with that and had eaten some lunch we headed outside to play in the snow. A couple hours later there were two tired out little boys and one half built snow fort. Unfortunately the sun was out and by the end of the afternoon the front walls had fallen down.


Amanda said...

Hey Leia! Thanks for stopping by Multiples and More! I think it's funny that both our families teased us about having times and it happened! Your boys are so cute, can't wait to learn more about you!

BoufMom9 said...

What an awesome dragon! WOW! Very cool!

Thank you so much for supporting the Tuesday Blog Party and putting the button on your blog! Sincerely, thank you :)