Friday, November 7, 2008


There you have it. I have been tagged for the first time by the wonderful Melissa from Twincredible Twosome. So now I must come up with 8 interesting facts about myself to share with ya'll. Let's see what I can come up with:
1. I think llamas are one of the coolest animals ever. My nickname used to be Llama. We own 4 books about llamas including Llama, Llama Red Pajama. (and finding the link for that cuz I know that ya'll are gonna want to check this awesome book out if you havent all ready, I find a new book coming out in March by the same author)
2. I am science nerd. I own 2 stuffed giant microbes. Hepetits C and African Sleeping Sickness in case you were wondering. One of my favorite "vacations" was the trip to the American Chemical Society Conference in Sacremento,CA a few years ago with 3 guys from my chemistry club at school.
3. I can't eat meat that has any pink in it since I was pregnant. I sometimes miss a nice medium rare steak but the sight of it makes my stomach turn. Speaking of eating things during pregnancy I never liked cherry pie till I was pregnant and now think a slice with some vanilla ice cream is pure heaven.
4. I spent 3 weeks in Ecuador on a mission trip several years ago. I had to brave the airport by myself coming home because I left a week early because I didn't want to miss my little brother's highschool graduation. Nothing like being in an airport in a foreign country at 5 in the morning and not knowing where to go to get on the plane.
5. I subconciously seemed to know I was having twins but never gave it any thought till I found out I really was. I joked with my little brother about having twins and if I did then he would raise one and I would raise one and we'd see who raised them the best. Plus my mom kept trying to give the "baby" a nickname like Itsy Bitsy (eww its a baby not a spider) and then Wee Willy (no not happening) so I joked with a friend about calling it Pipsueak but couldn't because there was no Pasquale (I had a pair of kittens growing named that and then used to baby sit twin girls and that is what my dad would call them). Finally I had a dream about having twin boys. Luckiley with that one I had never heard about TTTS because the babies in my dream were affected by that.
6. I like to think that my cousin just couldn't be outdone by me being pregnant because a month after I told my family that I was pregnant so was she. A month or so later I told them it was twins and she made the same announcement a couple months later. So the boys have a set of twin girl cousins that are almost 3 months younger then them.
7. One of my favorite summer jobs ever was when I worked at the dirt track about 5 years ago. I had good friends that raced there so after spending one summer there every Saturday paying $20 to get into the pits I decided to get a job there and then I could see them race and get paid for it. I worked in the pit shack admitting people so I got to know all the racers pretty well.
8. I have attended 4 colleges. I started out at Colorado Christian University and was there for a year. Then I took a year off to help my mom after she had surgery and took a few classes at the community college at home. Then I went to Adams State College for 3 years. I then had the boys and took off a couple of years with them. I went back last fall at Metro State College and plan on finishing in May.
Now comes to the fun part. Who am I going to pass on the tagging to. I am pretty new at this blogging thing so I don't have very many people on here to tag so I'm going to tag 5 people and hope they can continue on with tagging 8 more to keep this going. So here they are:
1. Susan @ Smell the Roses
3. DeniseAnn @ Under A Tuscan Sun
4. MckMama @ my charming kids
5. Cheryl @ Twinfatuation


Melissa said...

Great, interesting facts about yourself! It was fun getting to "know" you better!

The first time I was tagged, I tagged Cheryl at Twinfatuation, too! She's hilarious! I love Twinsights! I actually just won her latest contest on there!

kay said...

This "tagging" thing is pretty neat. Cherry pie is great, and I'm glad you finally agree! (:

Cheryl Lage said...

Ooooh, Leia! So fun to "get to know" you better!

Thanks for the tag...will have to think a bit about what might qualify as "interesting!"

Have a great week!